Day Table Application

Pybus Public Market offers Day Table spaces inside the concourse. Day Tables are for artisans and craftspeople to showcase and sell their unique wares and for non-profits to promote themselves.

Artisans are those who sell a unique product or service that is made, grown, produced or value-added by the person who is using the table (for instance, you cannot buy shirts at Costco and re-sell them at Pybus Market). Washington artisans are given priority for spaces. Mass manufactured standardized products are not allowed as Day Table vendors.

Non-profits are organizations, foundations and charities that serve the community. Non-Profit Organizations may use a Day Table spot to market their organization, ask for donations, or sell value-added items as a fundraiser. Non-profit organizations may educate but not engage in political advocacy. Day Tables are inappropriate for political candidates or for soliciting signatures for initiatives and such activities are not considered as non-profit activities.

The vendor must be pre-approved, and sign a rental agreement. Vendors selling a food product must secure a license or permit (or an exemption) from the Chelan-Douglas Health District and/or the Washington State Department of Agriculture, if applicable. No multi-level marketing schemes or programs. High-risk vendors must also furnish proof of insurance.

Food cannot be served from a day table ready-to-eat, but must be packaged for home consumption.

The user fee for a day table is $30/day for Saturdays and other designated “event” days. The user fee for Sunday through Friday non-event days is $10/day. To secure a location, user fees must be paid in advance. Discounts may be available for long term, annual commitments. Day Table users rent a designated (i.e., floor-taped) space only, approximately 5 ft. by 8 ft. Users must bring their own tables and chairs and remove them at the end of the day (there is no on-site storage option), although a limited number of tables (2.5 ft. by 6 ft.) are available to rent from Pybus Market for an additional $10 per day. Electricity is available in a very limited number of locations at no charge.

An unmanned donation box for school programs or non-profit organizations — whether for merchandise or cash — is allowed in the concourse, one at a time, for no more than a two-week period located at or near the Info Booth. The donation box may return every 6 months. Prior approval of Pybus Market is required.

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