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Day Table Application

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Day Table Application

P ybus Public Market offers Day Table spaces inside the concourse. Day Tables are for artisans and craftspeople to showcase and sell their unique wares and for non-profits to promote themselves.

Day Table vendors are artisans who sell a unique product or service that is made, grown, produced or value-added by the person who is using the table (for instance, you cannot buy shirts at Costco and re-sell them at Pybus Market). Washington artisans are given priority for spaces. Mass manufactured standardized products are not allowed as Day Table vendors. The vendor must be pre-approved, and sign a rental agreement. Vendors selling a food product must secure a license or permit (or an exemption) from the Chelan-Douglas Health District and/or the Washington State Department of Agriculture, if applicable. No multi-level marketing schemes or programs. High-risk vendors must also furnish proof of insurance.

Food cannot be served from a day table ready-to-eat, but must be packaged for home consumption.

The user fee for a day table is $30/day for Saturdays and other designated “event” days. The user fee for Sunday through Friday non-event days is $10/day. To secure a location, user fees must be paid in advance. Discounts may be available for long term, annual commitments. Day Table users rent a designated (i.e., floor-taped) space only, approximately 5 ft. by 8 ft. Users must bring their own tables and chairs and remove them at the end of the day (there is no on-site storage option), although a limited number of tables (2.5 ft. by 6 ft.) are available to rent from Pybus Market for an additional $10 per day. Electricity is available in a very limited number of locations at no charge.

An unmanned donation box for school programs or non-profit organizations — whether for merchandise or cash — is allowed in the concourse, one at a time, for no more than a two-week period located at or near the Info Booth. The donation box may return every 6 months. Prior approval of Pybus Market is required.

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Day Tables at Pybus Market