Meet the PMCF Board

The Foundation is governed by a 21 person board of directors. They represent a diverse group of community leaders with experience in the worlds of business, law, retail, marketing, accounting, insurance, the arts and non-profits.

* Founding Board Members

  • Mike Walker

    Mike Walker *

  • JoAnn Walker

    JoAnn Walker *

  • Gerry Ailts

    Gerry Ailts *

  • Bart Clennon

    Bart Clennon *

  • Craig Homchick

    Craig Homchick *

  • Gil Sparks

    Gil Sparks

  • Lindsey Weidenbach

    Lindsey Weidenbach

  • Kristin Lodge

    Kristin Lodge

  • Nate Bishop

    Nate Bishop

  • Tina Scull

    Tina Scull

  • Jeff Rounds

    Jeff Rounds

  • Katie Pauly

    Katie Pauly

  • Cori Bautista

    Cori Bautista

  • Leslie Freytag

    Leslie Freytag

  • Kelly Thompson

    Kelly Thompson

  • Josh Tarr

    Josh Tarr

  • Daryn Klinginsmith

    Daryn Klinginsmith

  • Rick Wray

    Rick Wray

  • Katharine Grove

    Katharine Grove

  • Steve Lee

    Steve Lee

  • Chris Avey

    Chris Avey