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Pybus Public Market

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Pybus Market Facility Hours:

  • Mon – Fri: 8am to 9pm
  • Sat: 8am-9pm; Sun: 8am-9pm
  • Open 362 days a year (closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day)
  • Pybus Merchants establish their individual store hours.

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Five Great Things You Must Know About Pybus Market

No. 1 – The World’s Best Farmer’s Market is in Wenatchee.

OK, maybe we’re a bit over-the-top, but we have the world’s best fruits and vegetables, and the world’s best local producers, in the world’s coolest and most gorgeous setting, so that easily gets us to the conclusion the Wenatchee Valley Farmer’s Market is the world’s best farmer’s market. Any other farmer’s market want to offer a counter-claim? Each Saturday from May through October, 8:00am to 1:00pm, and on Thursdays from 3:00pm to 7:00pm. In November and December, Saturday-only from 10:00am until 2:00pm. Live music is a bonus. Come join the fun.

No. 2 – The Pybus Market Building is Really, Really Cool

Most people who walk into Pybus Market for the first time look up to the rafters and say something like “very cool” or “wow” or “feels comfortable.” That’s because the building is all of that, and way more. One local resident described it as “a place where our history and our future meet, where the old become new and the new becomes old.” Or has also been said: “Pybus Market is a look at our future, through our past; a building twice scrapped but now the envy of many.” Come experience Pybus Market yourself.

No. 3 – Pybus Market has Live Music Every Friday Night at 7:00pm

Pybus Market has live music on the railcar every Friday night at 7:00pm. If you haven’t seen the railcar, you’re in for a surprise.  We have a nice mix of musical genres and a gorgeous setting.

No. 4 – Pybus Market is Adjacent to the Famous Apple Capital Loop Trail in Wenatchee

Want your exercise …. or just a chance to enjoy the beauty of the mighty Columbia River?  Either way, the famous 10 mile paved trail called the Apple Capital Loop Trail is perfect for walkers and bikers alike.  And it’s adjacent to Pybus Market.

No. 5 – Pybus Market is Open 7 Days a Week, 362 Days a Year

Pybus Market houses 20 year ’round tenants and is open 7 days a week, 362 days a year.  The building is a football field long and offers a range of products, including baked goods, fruits, vegetables, meats, seafoods, cheese, wines, beer, nuts, flowers oils and vinegars and sweets. The sit-down restaurants are some of the best in Washington state. And we have free Wi-Fi to the public!

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